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       (cannot be worn for cross country)

Registration for track 2019 is closed. Registration for Cross Country 2019 will open in June.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the registration fee cover, and what additional costs should I expect for equipment, etc.?  Our registration fee of $110 per child ($100 for cross country) covers an individual membership to YES Athletics (required for liability & insurance purposes), a uniform singlet & shorts (t-shirt only for Introductory Season athletes,) entry fees into ALL meets on our schedule, an individual membership to USA Track & Field (only for those competing in the USATF Indiana Association Championship), facility use, and awards.  The only required equipment for our athletes is a pair of training/running shoes (no high tops or canvas shoes please).  All other equipment (throwing implements, relay batons, etc.) is provided by the team for our athletes’ use throughout the season.  Athletes may purchase spikes/competition shoes, but it is not required, and athletes should consult with coaches before purchasing to ensure the shoes are appropriate and safe for their particular events. Families are responsible for their own transportation to and from meets, and some meets may charge an entry fee for adult spectators.

Is Body In Training similar to UpwardSports and other sports ministries?  Yes and no.  We are similar in that we combine training in sports technique with Biblical instruction.  We are different, however, in that we are a "travel team," competing against other clubs who are not faith-based.  Body In Training may be a little bit more of a time commitment than most sports ministry experiences and is unique in that our sport allows us to have beginners trying track for the first time as well as athletes able to compete at the national level all on the team together learning how to honor God through their sport.

How long is a typical track meet?   Track meets are long, and families should plan to spend most of the day at Saturday meets if their child is competing in more than one event.  Athletes may go home when their events are completed, but it is not recommended to arrive late, as events are typically on a rolling time schedule, making it difficult to predict what time a particular event may take place.  If families have another time commitment the day of a meet, coaches will do their best to recommend events that will work with their schedule, but this is not always possible.  Coaches are not responsible for supervising athletes between their events, so parents must be present.  Cross country meets are much shorter.

What if I am already on my school’s track team or playing another sport during the spring?    Body in Training is a great supplement to elementary or junior high track/cross country where athletes can receive additional coaching, participate in additional events, and extend their season after the school season is over.  Track athletes competing for an IHSAA member high school may not train or compete with Body in Training during their high school season.  We now have an option of joining Body in Training at the completion of a junior high or high school season (REGISTRATION DEADLINE STILL APPLIES), though for track, middle school athletes are encouraged to practice with Body in Training during their middle school season.  Athletes are free to miss a few practices if they have conflicts with their school’s team or another sport, but we do expect our athletes to attend practice fairly regularly if they wish to compete with our team.  We want our members to be committed to the team, but at the same time, we understand they may have other commitments as well.   

Does everyone on the team have to run?  No – athletes may compete in field events only if they so choose, and running during practice for these events is minimal to none.

Is it safe for children to participate in throwing events such as javelin?   Yes – javelin for 5-12 year-olds is a 300g javelin made of polyurethane – it does not even have a sharp point.  As with all sports, there is risk of injury, but with an 8:1 athlete:coach ratio, athletes will be well-supervised, and safety precautions will be taken.  Athletes not participating in throwing events will not be permitted in the practice throwing area.

Does the whole team practice together?  All athletes on the team will practice at the same location at the same time, making scheduling and transportation easy for carpooling or families with more than one child.  Athletes will, however, be divided into training groups based on age and events so that devotions and coaching will be age and experience-appropriate and challenging for all athletes.

Is Body in Training affiliated with a particular church or denomination?  No – we are an interdenominational Christian organization with coaches representing 9 different churches and 8 denominations.